Thieiving is a skill that allows players to obtain coins and items by stealing from market stalls.

Theiving location

Where to find it?Edit

Theiving from stall

A player stealing from a market stall.

The thieving area is found just south-west of Enoria's home location, see picture (right).

How to train it?Edit

You train thieving by clicking on the market stalls to 'steal' from them, you obtain coins and various items by doing so, your loot will increase as you move on to higher level market stalls.

Level Required Exp. Per Steal.
Spice Stall 1 1, 875
Fur Stall 25 2, 875
Silk Stall 50 3, 750
Silver Stall 75 5, 000
Gem Stall 95 6, 875
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