Dag rex

Dagganoth Rex

Welfare Dks Guide

Welfare Dks Guide

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Daganoth RexEdit

Level 303

Abilities - Hits Hards with out melee protection, Can Poison

Strategies - Mage Him, With Blood/Ice Barrage


Dagganoth Bones


Challenge Scrolls

Dragon Mace

Dragon Sq Shield

Dragon 2 Hander

Dragon Dagger

Dragon Longsword

Dragon Scimitar

Dragon Full Helm

Dragon Platelegs

Obsidian Cape

Dragon Boots

Berserker Ring

Berserker Ring (i)

Warrior Ring

Warrior Ring (i)

Ring of Vigour

Recover Special (4)

Blood Rune

Death Rune

Water Rune

Third-age Full helmet

Third-age Kiteshield

Third-age Platebody

Third-age Platelegs

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